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There is a great variety of wines. Although wines are found all together on the shop's shelves, there are some differences that enhance their unique and unmistakable flavors. Next, there is a list of types of wines found on the market.

  1. Ordinary wines are made with no extra substance or practice as special wines. They are divided into subgroups, which can be classified like this:

Red wines:

They are made from red grapes and their fermentation process is carried out with the must and the skin. Once fermentation is finished (after about 20 days) a devatting is carried out. Red wines can get old, depending on the time they spend on the barrel and they can be classified as follows. It is called young wine when it lasts between cero and six months inside the wood barrel. It is called aging wine when it is 2 years old and spends at least 6 months in the wood. It is called reserve wine when it is 3 years old, spending at least one in the barrel. It is called great reserve wine when it is 5 years old, and has spent at least 2 in the wood barrel.

White wines:

They can be made with white or red grapes. In this case, the must is separated from the skin to avoid colors. The fermentation process is usually carried out with must, separating the skin, the seeds and the stalks. Although aging is not so frequent, there are some harvested white wines.

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Pink wines:

They are made with red grapes; the grapes are mashed before entering the pressing phase. By doing this, the must gets color and then is fermented.

Claret wines:

These wines are made with red and white grapes, fermenting the must. Its production is very useful for pink-colored wine, but it does not have the right amount of red grapes.

  1. A second type of wine is the one called fortified wine; it can be dry or sweet. Its alcoholic degree is greater than the one ordinary wine contains, and it is aged and made with particular methods. Besides, it usually gets older with a sunlight system. The harvesting of different years are gradually mixed
  2. There is another group called vermouth. It contains parts of sugar or concentrated grape must and extracts taken from certain aromatic plants which add a particular flavor.
  3. Another group is the Txakoli wine group. It is a wine made form the alcoholic fermentation of grape juice that, due to climate factors, could not normally ripen.
  4. Another type of wine is the gasified wine. It is made by adding carbon dioxide after finishing its elaboration.
  5. Another type of wine is the sparkling wine. It contains carbon dioxide produced on its bosom and it is originated on a second alcoholic fermentation in a complete sealed packing. Depending on the type of packing, the second fermentation is carried out and wine's quality changes. Bearing this in mind, there are three types of sparkling wine. The first one is champagne, taken form a second fermentation in a bottle. Then we can find transfer wine, which is taken form wine which has a second fermentation which is produced in huge packing and then in bottles. On the third place we can find gran vas wine, taken form a second fermentation in huge pressed packing.
  6. Then we can find medicinal or mixed with quinine wines. These wines have received a part of quinine or some kind of curative substance previously authorized.

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