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What is wine?

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Wine is a drink that comes from grapes. An alcoholic fermentation process is carried out to let yeasts turn the sugar from the grapes into ethylic alcohol and into carbon dioxide.

The term «wine» is used to name the liquid taken from the alcoholic fermentation of grape juice before adding other substances. Its etymology comes from the Latin word «vinium», which comes from the Greek word ?????.. Some sources state that this Greek word comes from the Sanskrit word «vana» which means «love».

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Wine production was originated about 5000 years ago in the south of the Caucasus mountains. From that moment on, its consume has increased until it became one of the most sold drinks in the world. Its importance does not focus only on the drink but also on the universe around it, from qualified professions as oenology up to the products created specially for the pleasure of good drinkers.

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