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There are drinks that, although they come from grapes, they cannot be named «wine». This is due to the fact that their elaboration and storage process is different and, therefore, they cannot be included in the wine group. Other derivations from grapes which are not called «wine» are the next ones:

  • Flavored brandy (Mistella). It is a drink which contains alcohol in the unfermented or lightly fermented grape must, having enough quantity so as to avoid must fermentation with no substance adding.
  • Must. It is the liquid that comes from pressing fresh grapes. It is taken before the natural fermentation process starts. It is named «off must» when natural fermentation is cancelled because of physical or chemical causes.
  • Concentrated must. It is taken from must by industrial procedures and it contains a high sugar degree with no caramel.
  • Grape syrup. It is the product taken from the must concentration as a consequence of applying heat when the caramel process is defined.

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  • Vinegar. It is a type of liquid that results from wine fermentation with a 40g percentage of crystallizable acetic acid per liter. Its much more purified variety is known as «balsamic vinegar», which is used as seasoning.
  • Grappa. Its a very strong Italian purified wine which comes from grape wastes. It is available in the market as varietals. In some cases, it is aged in barrels and it is known as a digestive drink or appetizer.
  • Pisco. It is the name of two kinds of brandies, Chilean brandy, which is a kind of purified Chilean liquor that comes from muscatel grapes, and Peruvian brandy, which is a kind of purified Peruvian liquor that comes from soft grapes, soft white grapes, quebranta, unvina, current black grapes, torontel, italia, and muscatel; it has no water or other substances.
  • Singani. It is a type of liquor that comes from the North of Argentina and the South of Bolivia. It belongs to the family of brandies and it is made of muscatel grapes.

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