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Who are we?

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This website's goal is to bring wine consumers the information they need to buy and enjoy tasty and good quality wines. Even if you are not a professional oenologist, it is important that you should distinguish the different types of wines and the features that define them.

Drinking wine is not the same as drinking juice or soda. There is a rich universe as regards words and products specifically related to this drink. It is important that the person who buys wine knows which one he is choosing and why. That is the reason why we have created this website especially for wine lovers, or just for their mere consumers.

Taste and smell are very important to know and taste wine. Although the development of these senses depends on practice, you also need to have a theoretical knowledge about different types of wine. We invite you to read a detailed explanation of the steps you should follow to enjoy wine.

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Our website has very useful information about the process of the beverage manufacturing, from the grapes to the bottle on your table. There is information about the existing types of wine on the market and their main features to distinguish them. We also explain the right conditions to drink and taste wine. Besides, we supply information about ways of classifying this drink in different countries in the world and which their differences are.

The information given on this website will let you know the main features to enter, if you wish the wine world. You will learn the basic terms professional oenologists use and you will understand the meaning of the descriptions they generally make about wine taste. Wine world is huge and varied; we want you to know it. That is why we show you a series of sections that will let you know more about wines.

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